Sample Audit


Sample audits are available in four versions: project manager, team, stakeholders, top management. In a comprehensive audit, the questionnaires are completed by all three groups, the responses scored, and the results summarized for each group and for the project as a whole.

Audits are conducted using an on-line survey instrument. Clients are presented with a summary report as well as a complete statistical analysis of the results.

Here are some sample questions:

1. Describe the pressure to get this project completed on schedule.

2. Describe the level of communication between the project staff and the project manager.

3. To what extent do you feel that suggestion to improve a project activity will be seriously considered by higher levels in management?

4. Which of the following best describes how you feel about the likelihood that the major objectives of this project will be met?

5. Which of the following best describes the way in which the project team works with vendors?

6. How are conflicts within the team resolved?

7. Which of the following could jeopardize the successful completion of this project? Select all that apply.

8. Which of the following bet describes the involvement of users/clients?

9. To what extend do you believe this project will contribute to needs of the user/client?

10. How strongly do you feel that this project will succeed?