Project Survival Test

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1 We sell our products and services in a very competitive industry.
2 Our major competitors are responsive to market conditions and take aggressive action.
3 The company's financial resources required to sustain a major recession may not be adequate.
4 This project has not been very visible to top management, nor have they been keeping close tabs on it.
5 The project has already incurred budget overruns.
6 The project is behind schedule.
7 The scope of the project has been recently reduced.
8 The payoff from this project is at least one year away.
9 It is very difficult and almost impossible to measure this project's contribution to profit.
10 Not enough emphasis has been placed on communicating with top management and distributing information and updates to stakeholders.
11 The project does not have a strong "project champion",someone other than the project manager who is an advocate of the project to top management.
12 The company has already taken decisive steps in response to the recession including cutbacks, layoffs, and warnings.
13 The company has a history of terminating projects if they are not going well.
14 Management has a habit of over-responding to crises.
15 It is my overall and personal feeling that the project is vulnerable to cutbacks, termination, or increasing pressure on the project team to improve its performance.

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