Should This Project be Killed?

Killing a project is one of the most difficult steps that a project manager can take, and as a result too many projects are kept alive too long. Managers often ignore early warning signs as the project unfolds and especially ignore a changing business environment that, even if the project is a success, its business objectives will never be met. Often projects miss deadline after deadline and management is promised that success is just around the corner and the project needs to be supported or all is lost. This questionnaire helps determine if it is reasonable to suggest that a discussion should be held about the possibility of terminating the project. For each of the questions below please rate the strength of your opinion. Click on the button that best represents your feelings at this time.

    Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 At this point it is no longer clear that the business objectives of the project will be met.
2 More money has been spent on this project than was initially budgeted for those activities that have been completed at this time.
3 The project is behind schedule and those activities that were planned to be completed at this point in time have not been completed.
4 The project sponsor no longer is enthusiastic about the contribution that this project will make to the business objectives of the organization.
5 There is considerable disagreement among stakeholders over the direction that the project should take from this time forward.
6 End-users and customers who will benefit from the project are not strong supporters of the project at this point in time.
7 Project management has ignored signs that this project may fail. They have continued to support his project even when its success is doubtful.
8 Project management has paid little attention to the recommendations of end-users or customers.
9 The organization's resources to complete this project have recently been limited because sales have fallen or business costs have increased.
10 Top management has expressed concern about the value or contribution of this project.
11 Other more promising projects are waiting to be approved and would benefit from the funds freed should this project be terminated.
12 Project stakeholders have been very defensive when questions about possible project termination have been raised.

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