Post Mortem Project Score Card

This is a short questionnaire, filled out at the completion of a project.  It measures how well the project was executed and how well it met its goals.

For each of the questions below please rate the strength of your opinion. Click on the button that best represents your feelings at this time.

    Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly DIsagree
1 At the beginning of this project a convincing case was made to all constituents that this project, when successfully completed, would contribute to the business objectives of the organization.
2 At the end of the project, the business objectives were successfully met.
3 Team members and other stakeholders were encouraged to provide constructive feedback that would improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.
4 Interactions between the project team and end-users or customers were encouraged over the life cycle of the project.
5 Change control effectively balanced the need to remain within cost, budget, and time constraints while at the same time approving those changes necessary to meet business or customer requirements.
6 Leadership demonstrated a reasonable balance between authority and collaboration.
7 Project leaders were effective in motivating the project team. Team members were enthusiastic about achieving the business goals.
8 Productive debate among team members was encouraged when challenging problems occurred.
9 The project plan had buy-in from stakeholders.
10 Each phase in the project had clear end-of-phase criteria.
11 The progress of the project tracked well against the project plan. It has not been behind schedule.
12 Stakeholders were satisfied with the information and status reports they received from management over the life cycle of the project.
13 There was good communication within the project team and differences were out-in-the-open and resolved in a reasonable way.
14 Top management gave this project adequate attention and time.
15 The project was delivered within budget.
16 The project was delivered on time.
17 The end users or customers were satisfied with the quality of the project.
18 Team meetings were instrumental in the success of the project. They were not a waste of time.
19 Project manager was effective.
20 The Project team's talent and expertise were appropriate for this project.

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